Our dedicated, year-round team of trained professionals can be on site within the hour of your property damage, ready to begin helping you sort and move your possessions in preparation for repairs. We offer a range of services to meet all your needs, regardless of the type of loss you have experienced.

We are an organization focused on providing excellent care to our two main priorities: our client and the project.

We respond to a range of damages including:
  • Water
  • MOLD
  • FIRE
  • Specializing in:

    • General Contents–including furniture, general household or office items, appliances, glassware, fixtures, and more.
    • Textiles–including clothing, bedding, upholstery, and more.
    • Electronics–including computers, laptops, cameras, equipment, and more.
    • Art Restoration–including photographs, paintings, sculptures, and more.
  • Commercial and Residential

    We assist both homeowners and business owners alike. Whatever type of property you own, we are happy to provide outstanding and responsive service. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote!

  • Services Provided:

    • Pack out / Delivery – On-site supervisors, Full Inventory Report with Contents Track, Professional Packing/Transportation, Unpacking.
    • Contents and Textile Cleaning –Year-Round Trained Staff, Cutting-Edge Equipment, Proficient Re-packing, Barcoding System Track Every Single Item
  • Storage

    We care about the safety of your possessions. Everything we store for you is carefully catalogued and photographed as part of our rigorous inventory system. Your belongings are stored in a secure, temperature-controlled environment so they’ll be in the same state when they are returned to you.

Mplex is short for Multiplex, a word that truly describes the versatility of our business. No matter the type of damage you’re facing, our team provides second-to-none service with impressive responsiveness.


Before the pack-out services, Mplex Contents works directly with clients to assess which items need to be restored and which can be marked as total-loss. Once the selection has been made, our trained crew will begin carefully packing up your contents for storage in a safe, climate-controlled facility. You will be provided with a copy of the inventory items for your records.

While the items are at our warehouse, Mplex Contents will clean and deodorize each item, restoring them to their original state. Throughout the entire process, our trained staff will carefully and precisely document the restoration of the content for insurance purposes.

Once all contents have been restored and it is safe to do so, Mplex Contents will return the items to your location, providing our professional unpacking services.

What our customers are saying

Respectful & Professional

I reached out for services for packing and moving a 1 bedroom apartment. They arrived on time. They were respectful and professional. From start to finish took 4 hours. They provided supplies and took extreme extra measures to protect my belongings. Great 👍 job guys. Will definitely recommend to others and use. Mplex services again.
-Lauren B.

Exceeded My Expectations

The Mplex team moved homes for us this week and they were GREAT! We are a family who has moved homes 7 times, so we know what a "good move" looks like. From providing a competitive estimate, to arriving on time, taking excellent care of our belongings, and checking in with us all day to ensure furniture was properly placed, the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company for your next move.
-Barbara N.

Highly Recommended

Overall, I was pleased with how smoothly from start to finish my experience was with Mplex. I have a busy schedule and Danny was always available to workaround it. I will only work with Mplex from now on and highly recommend it to others!
-Paul K.

Completely Satisfied

Danny and his team are truly professionals and focused on getting the job done ASAP. They work as a team and make sure that you are completely satisfied!! I would refer them to any person needing to move locally or out of state.
-Vincent G.